Complete, energising

4 types of pastries: pain au chocolat, croissant, pain aux raisins.

Bread: Sportif, Nordic, granary, country, toast, pound cake

Boiled and scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage

Deli meats: ham, salami, garlic sausage, rosette de Lyon.

Cheeses: Camembert, Emmenthal, Laughing Cow, cheese spread

Plain and flavoured yogurt, salted and unsalted butter.

And delicious

Cereals: plain, Muesli, chocolate. Hot and cold milk.

Apple compote, fresh fruit, biscuits.

5 kinds of jam, honey, hazelnut spread.

Hot drinks: coffee, chocolate, large selection of teas...

Gluten free products and soy milk: On request

Our selection of restaurants in Avignon

Restaurants in Avignon

Brasserie le Cintra
D'Ici & d'Ailleurs
La Fourchette
La Tonnelle
La Vielle Fontaine
Le 46
Le Caveau du Théâtre
Le Lutrin
Le Vintage
Maison Nani
Restaurant Le Mûrier

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